A very frozen Lake Louise

Happy Easter from us..

On Good Friday we left Banff (where we stayed for one night!) and headed West. On our travels we stopped at Lake Louise, a glacial lake, considered by many to be the most beautiful setting in the world of its kind, sparkling turquoise waters surrounded by lush green pines… or that’s how it is in summer. As expected, it was completely frozen, which was still pretty spectacular! It’s also home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America, so we’ll be back to ski/board next week!

A very frozen Lake Louise
A very frozen Lake Louise

Leaving Banff National Park and entering Yoho National Park, we arrived at Golden, our destination for Easter weekend – On Saturday we woke to snow, these last few days we’ve had quite a cold snap, however it’s expected to warm up next week, anyway thermals on, we took a drive to Emerald Lake, as expected it was frozen solid, still, was fun walking on the vast white canvas  – our first time walking on ice!!!

Lake Emerald - walking on ice
Lake Emerald – walking on ice

lake emerald

From the lake we took a short hike up to Hamilton waterfalls, it was enchanting walking through the carpet of snow that covered the forest floor and Christmas scented pine trees. To get to the waterfall, we walked straight up the frozen river, which was still flowing underneath the deep ice – pretty impressive!

Hamilton Falls
Hamilton Falls

Easter Sunday saw us set the alarm for 6am to venture the 75km back to Lake Louise for a full days skiing/boarding as we’d heard the conditions were good – and they didn’t disappoint. Fresh powder, blue skies followed by further scattered snow showers throughout the day = happy ski day!


A view from one of the runs - Lake Louise
A view from one of the runs – Lake Louise


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