Picking up Van Damme

Today we picked up Van Damme (that’s what it’s called) our home for the next 35 nights, as we tour the West Coast of Oregon, as far down as San Francisco, before taking it inland through Yosemite National Park, Utah and finally Yellowstone National Park before dropping it back off in Portland.

Now it’s not all-singing all-dancing but it does the trick, has a bed, facilities to cook and Tom tells me it is OK to drive… anyway I’ll save you the anticipation, here he is in all its glory!

Tom checking out Van Damme
Tom checking out Van Damme

Fully stocked up, we headed off to the coast to start our Boon-docking adventures (basically camping/parking roadside or in parking lots for FREE Рhopefully legally without getting moved on by police Рthey are very strict on overnight parking down the west coast)

First stop Astoria.. boondocking success 1-0¬†– taking advice from boondocking forums online we resided for the night in National Park – Fort Catslop National Historical Park – now I think we got the wrong place, and we probably would’ve been told to do one, had it been peak season, however we slept right through until dawn. NB – I was scared to death, and all eventualities went through my mind – probably not helped by the fact that earlier in the day, when we first picked up the van, we got pulled over by the highway sheriff for not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign – anyway our British charm must of paid off as he didn’t give us a fine just a warning!!

Wish us luck!

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  1. hey it all sounds just fantastic snd i am soooooo envious, oh how i long to go walkabout! My time will arrive eventually! Sounds like u are making the absolute most of it all, fantastic. Keep blogging i am really enjoying this virtual trip! loads of love to u 2 nomads! Roobidoo! xxxx

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